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Manifesto: Stop Covid-19 Vaccination And Discrimination Against Unvaccinated Persons

‘We must ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated, if they do not wish to do so themselves’


The Council of Europe in Strasburg, January 27th 2021


The current Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ are not true vaccines but genetic engineering ‘injectables’.

These products are injectables based on new experimental technologies that introduce genetic material into human cells.  In France, over 5000 citizens and doctors have filed a complaint against the use of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.  In the USA,  

mRNA Covid-19 injectables are a form of genetic hacking.

This is a procedure in which foreign genetic material is inserted into our cells to give them new instructions.  Dr. Stephen Hoge, President of Moderna, has even compared this technology to the installation of new ‘software’.

Covid-19 ‘injectables’ are not legally required to undergo any type of GMO risk assessment.

On July 15th, to accelerate the production of Covid-19 ‘vaccines’, the EU voted through a special waiver for these products, now not subject to EU GMO regulations.  The impact of these genetic engineering devices on our genome, or on the environment, will therefore not be assessed.  Manufacturers have ‘carte blanche’.  Children’s Health Defense Europe and several other NGOs have requested the annulment of this decision in the European Court of Justice.

Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ have not been shown to prevent transmission of the virus.

In its press conference (at 18min) in early January 2021, on the vaccine roll out in Europe, the EMA confirmed that there is currently no data to show that the virus would block transmission.  The EMA ‘hopes’ that these injections will work but they just DO NOT KNOW.  This information was also repeated in a WHO press conference on January 28th.

Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ might slow down transmission OR might also accelerate spreading of the disease. 

In fact, countries such as the UK, Israel and South Africa, who have started mass vaccination campaigns, are now experiencing a surge of cases.  Reason asks to halt these campaigns and analyse the data before going on.

Taking a Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ is not an act of solidarity.

You do not know what effect it will have on others.  Current Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials will not be completed until 2022 (EMA press conference), so by taking a vaccine, you are nothing more than a guinea pig participating in a global experiment.

Some Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ have a very high rate of injury.

22 severe side effects have been listed by the FDA, including anaphylactic shock, facial paralysis, permanent neurological damage, autoimmune reactions and cardiac arrest.  Significant numbers of deaths are tragically being reported such as in California, in Norway, in Gibraltar, in France and in the UK.

Many doctors refuse to take or administer these Covid-19 ‘vaccines’.

Doctors have filed an official motion at the EMA to halt the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials (and vaccination campaigns).  Doctors around the world are expressing their concerns about the safety of this vaccine and the requirement to respect free and informed consent: e.g. in California , in the USA, in France, in the UK.

Covid-19 injectables could have an impact on fertility.

The spike protein induced by the ‘vaccine’ is similar to a substance called syncitin, found in the placenta.  This could impact the pregnant woman and her baby in various ways.

There is a specific death risk associated with coronavirus vaccines.

It is called Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) or immune facilitation or pathogenic priming and was observed in all previous attempts to develop a coronavirus vaccine.  ADE occurs when a vaccinated individual encounters the natural virus, which triggers an overreaction leading to organ failure and death. 

The number of people who have died after a Covid ‘vaccine’ is alarming.

In fact, several countries are now hesitating to recommend the vaccine for the elderly or even reconsidering the use of these products at all.  The manufacturers contracted special deals to be exempt from liability so in the event of vaccine injury or damage, it is likely that nobody will be legally responsible and no one will pay any compensation.


The Covid-19 vaccination campaign is a breach of the Nuremberg Code

Signed in 1947, after the horror of Nazi experimentation, this code has “identified informed consent as an absolute prerequisite for the conduct of research involving human subjects

The Covid-19 vaccination campaign is a breach of the Oviedo Convention

 “for the protection of human rights and the dignity of the human being with regard to biology and medicine”. 

Coercion to take Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ would violate constitutional rights

In most countries, there are laws to enshrine each citizen’s free and informed consent to medical intervention.  For example, in France, the 2002 Kouchner law states that “no medical procedure or treatment may be performed without the free and informed consent of the individual, which consent may be withdrawn at any time”.  [Refer to the current legislation in each country].

Coercion to take a Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ is a breach of the European Convention of Human Rights

On January 27th 2021 the Council of Europe, which advises the European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg, stated: ‘We must ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated, if they do not wish to do so themselves’.

Our decision-makers seem lost, confused or committed to a different agenda
The "powers that be" are poorly informed, serving us with an incoherent discourse in constant contradiction with the epidemic reality.  We do not live in fear, guilt or contempt for alternative methods or the professionals who advocate them.

The accusations of “criminals”, “irresponsible”, “selfish” and “conspiracy-theorists” inflicted by the institutional media upon those who choose not to be vaccinated, are nothing more than a projection of the image of the authors and those responsible for this operation, who constantly reverse the meaning of words and manipulate statistics to suit their agenda.



European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance